Free HIV Screening (Lincoln) | Nebraska AIDS Projects

Healthy Blue Welcome Center 1625 N St, Lincoln, NE, United States

Lincoln! Look for NAP working together with Healthy Blue, March 8th at the Healthy Blue Welcome Center (1625 N St) from 3:00PM - 7:00PM!  

Beyond the Binary: Understanding LGBTQIA+ Health Webinar | Network of the National Library of Medicine


The class was created by the Network of the National Library of Medicine and aims to provide culturally appropriate health information and resources for LGBTQIA+ populations and the librarians and health care practitioners who support them. We have done our best to use culturally sensitive language and examples recognizing that language on this topic, like […]


Keeping Current: Vaping Nicotine Among Youth | SCIP Nebraska

Lincoln Medical Education Partnership 4600 Valley Road, Lincoln, Nebraska

Youth tobacco use in our community remains a significant concern, largely due to the emergence and popularity of e-cigarette or "vape" devices. Contrary to the common belief that these devices emit harmless vapor, they actually release an aerosol packed with dangerous substances. This aerosol contains not just addictive nicotine, but also ultrafine particles, toxic flavorings, […]