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Coming out shouldn’t mean not fitting in. Whether it’s hosting focus groups for people living with a HIV positive status or providing events and activities for families, OutNebraska makes an impact by advocating, celebrating and educating to improve the lives of LGBTQ+ people.



Not everyone can be out, but as an organization, OutNebraska is out advocating for and with people every day. We’re advocating for reform, connecting with local and state representatives, encouraging civic engagement and making investments for the betterment of our communities.


When you live in the margins, there is so much stress. OutNebraska provides the space to relax, laugh and enjoy one another. We’re growing connections, lifting up our allies (see resource directory) and celebrating LGBTQ+ people through fun events like the Prairie Pride Film Festival.


The feeling of belonging is essential. OutNebraska helps organizations and individuals embrace LGBTQ+ people. We’re providing inclusivity trainings and engaging in community conversations to help ensure a welcoming and thriving environment for all. Contact us to schedule a training.

Check out our 2022/2023 Impact Report to learn more about our activities in the last year.