Beloved Community Member,

“Everyone has something to give.” That’s the message behind Giving Tuesday, and the message that we at OutNebraska want to spread this year. What can you and I give to our community to spread love and kindness at the end of such a challenging year?

There’s often an emphasis placed on donating money around Giving Tuesday. We know that not everyone is able to give money, and that the pandemic has placed a financial strain on many people including many in our LGBTQIA+ community. But – your time is just as valuable. So, we want to focus on what else we can do together to support our community this Giving Tuesday. After the hard several years we as LGBTQIA+ people and society at large have faced, we want to spread the love in our community.

So, what can you do to spread love on Giving Tuesday? See below for a few ideas, and share your wonderful ideas with us on Facebook!

  • Make someone smile. Give a stranger a compliment. Hold the door open for someone. Tell a friend you miss them. Send someone flowers. Tell someone important to you that you love them. Write a message of support on a rock and leave it somewhere for someone to find. Share a talent with someone. The options are endless, and you never know what a small act like making someone smile could do for their day.
  • Help out a neighbor or stranger. Help someone carry in their groceries. Start a neighborhood carpooling group. Is a neighbor struggling with something related to their LGBTQIA+ identity? Connect them to OutNebraska! Let them know you’re there to listen. There are so many ways to help out a neighbor or stranger, and you could really make a difference in their life with a small act of kindness.
  • Show up for an issue or cause you care about. Share or retweet your favorite nonprofits’ posts on Giving Tuesday. Start a Facebook fundraiser. Share a (fact-checked) article about an issue that’s important to you. Sign up to volunteer. Use social media to your advantage and spread the word!
  • Give some of what you have to those who need help. Help an unhoused person find a meal or something else they need. Donate some clothes you don’t wear anymore. And, if you can, donate to your favorite nonprofit. Give what you’re able to those who need support, but know that money does not define what you can give. See more Giving Tuesday ideas here.

What are you doing on Giving Tuesday? Let us know!

Thank you for spreading love and positivity on this day. We recognize you have a busy life and are setting aside time to spread your love and positivity with our community, and we all thank you for that.

With love,

The OutNebraska Team

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