Did you know 29 states still lack adequate LGBTQ+ protections? But for the first time in our history, Congress has a real chance to fix that by passing the Equality Act. It’s time to ensure no one can be refused service at a restaurant, declined pick up by a car service like Uber, or kicked out of a government funded homeless shelter simply because of who they are.

But we need your help to push back against our opponents lies and fear and get the Equality Act across the finish line!

That’s why we’ve joined with our allies as part of #EqualityTime, to take give you the opportunity to take action to help win this effort. Visit the #EqualityTime online action center where you can phone bank, write a letter to your local newspaper, call, email and visit your Senator and more — all without ever leaving your couch.

The Equality Act isn’t just about LGBTQ+ civil rights, it benefits all of us. It also expands protections for women, people of faith and people of color. And nothing in the bill undermines religious exemptions provided under current laws. That’s why it’s critical that you visit the #EqualityTime online action center today and sign up to get involved. The actions and volunteer opportunities are simple, virtual and convenient and will fit into anyone’s schedule. It doesn’t get any easier or more powerful than this!

The Equality Act is the culmination of decades of activism by our community. For so many, the idea of a law protecting LGBTQ+ people from discrimination nationwide was a dream they could only imagine. Today, with your help, we can make that dream a reality. Sign up for one of OutNebraska’s many virtual phone banks here: www.equalitytime.org/phone

On April 21st, please join OutNebraska and other #LGBTQ+ groups in a Virtual Lobby Day to Zoom with your Senator’s office to support the #EqualityAct. Your story, from your state is important! Sign up at www.EqualityTime.org/Lobby 

If you have any questions about how to participate in the fight for the Equality Act, please email mar@outnebraska.org .

Don’t want to volunteer but still want to help the cause? Click here to contact your senator!