It’ll be election season before we know it. So we’ve broken down a few Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that our LGBTQ+ community has about voter registration and voting.

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How do I register to vote?

Registering to vote in Nebraska is simple. You can register online, in-person, or by mail. All you need is your Nebraska driver’s license, state-issued ID card, or your social security number.

Registering online requires a Nebraska ID. Not sure if you can register online? Enter your info into this questionnaire, and it will help you pick the voter registration form that’s right for you.

If you register to vote in person, you’ll go to your county election office with an ID card or with the last four digits of your social security number. If it’s your first time registering to vote, bring a photo ID or a copy of a utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, or other government document dated within the last 60 days. This identification must show the same name and address on your voter application.

For registering by mail, you’ll need your ID number or social security number. You can find both English and Spanish voter registration forms here.

I can’t remember if I’m registered to vote, can I check?

Yes! In Nebraska, you can check your voter registration by using the Nebraska Voter Information Lookup here.

My legal name is not the same as my chosen name, can I still register to vote?

Yes. However, you will need to register to vote under your legal name.

I am changing my legal name. Will this effect my ability to vote?

It doesn’t have to! Once you have your new name legalized, you will need to re-register to vote. What’s important here is to be aware of the deadlines for registering to vote.

We’re going to note a few deadlines for registering to vote and voting in 2022. You can see the full voting calendar from our friends at Civic Nebraska, here.

Last day to register to vote by mail: October 21 (which means you should get your application in the mail by October 18)

Last day to register to vote online: October 21

Last day to register to vote in person: October 28

I’ve missed all these dates! Can I still vote?

Yes. If you were already registered to vote but forgot to re-register under your new name, you can still vote in this election.

You will need to go to your polling place and ask for a certification and new registration form. Poll workers are aware that this happens, and will know what to do. Once you complete these forms, you should be able to cast a provisional ballot. (A provisional ballot is a type of ballot that is for when there is uncertainty about someone’s eligibility to vote. It will still have all the same offices and issues on it as the regular ballot.)

I no longer look like my photo ID / my photo looks like me pre-transition, will this affect my ability to register to vote?


If you are registering online or by mail, you simply need the license/ID card number. If you are registering to vote in person, you can use a copy of a utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, or other government document dated within the last 60 days instead of a photo ID.

I have moved since I last registered to vote, do I need to re-register?

Yes. You should re-register to vote where you live now.

I am a student, can I register to vote in Nebraska?

Yes. You can register to vote using the address of your dorm or apartment. Voting where you currently live helps you stay involved in your community and allows you to use your vote to speak about issues that matter to you.