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Earlier this year, the Nebraska Legislature passed LB 574, a bill that restricts youth access to gender-affirming care. The bill grants Nebraska’s Chief Medical Officer the power to set guidelines that physicians and mental health providers must follow when providing gender-affirming care to patients under 19. Read the full regulations here.

The guidelines must be approved by the Department of Health and Human Services, and may be revised or changed at the Department’s discretion. Public comment via email, fax or mail is open now and will close November 28 at 11:59pm CT.

Attend the public hearing

  • Tuesday, November 28 from 7am-7pm
    Lancaster Event Center, Lincoln Room (4100 N 84th St., Lincoln, NE 68507)

Plan to attend at whatever time is convenient for you, but expect to stand in line. Bring a printed or written copy of your comments. Comments are limited to three minutes and may be shortened to two minutes during busy times. There will be no follow-up questions from DHHS officials, so be as concise and clear as you can.

Submit written comments

Written comments must be submitted by November 28 by 11:59pm CT.

Tips for writing comments

  • How may these restrictions impact your life and the lives of trans people important to you, whether that be financially, emotionally, medically or otherwise?
  • What information and personal stories have helped you successfully explain trans experiences to the people around you?
  • How can medical and mental health professionals adopt practices that best care for you or your trans loved ones?

A PDF version of this fact sheet can be found here: Gender-Affirming Care in Nebraska Make Your Voice Heard

Check out the Women’s Fund of Omaha’s fact sheet for more information.

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