May 19, 2023
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LINCOLN, Neb. – Friday night, the Nebraska Legislature passed a bill banning gender-affirming care for minors as well as abortion after 12 weeks. LB 574, which now awaits the governor’s decision, is a major setback for bodily autonomy in Nebraska.

The senators who supported this bill have failed to protect the rights of their constituents, prioritizing personal beliefs over the voices of the people they were elected to serve. From initial committee hearings being cut short, to senators dodging personal meetings with concerned families, they have continuously disregarded pleas from families who will be directly impacted by these restrictions.

“They have thrown away the session for nothing,” said OutNebraska Community Organizer Aryn Huck. “Parents are writing to us asking what to do next, worried they may have to uproot their entire lives because of this bill.”

By denying youth access to medically-necessary care, these restrictions undermine their mental health, well-being, and ability to live authentically, making our state a hostile state for young people. “Nebraska should be for everyone,” said Abbi Swatsworth, executive director of OutNebraska. “While today’s outcome is deeply disappointing, it is certainly not the end of our commitment to advocate and support transgender Nebraskans.” 

OutNebraska encourages families affected by these restrictions to reach out to healthcare professionals and specialists for guidance and support during this challenging time.


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