Join us on March 7th at 5:30pm to talk more about the changes, what they mean for our community, and what comes next. The event is hybrid and joining info can be found here.

A message from OutNebraska to our community:

The updates to Lincoln’s nondiscrimination ordinance passed by the city council are a welcomed and much needed improvement in our city. Much like Omaha saw back in 2012, we expect the majority of these improvements to be quietly appreciated by Lincoln residents who now have a path to seeking accommodations if needed. 

It is disappointing but not surprising that some are trying to undo these advancements. It is unfortunate a vocal minority of Lincoln residents have chosen to use this victory to spread misinformation about our transgender community. 

Let us be clear: the use of anti-transgender tropes and creating anti-transgender fear in Lincoln is distressing and frankly harmful. Transgender people are not a debate or a hot-button issue. Trans and non-binary people are your neighbors even if you think you have never met someone who is transgender. 

No matter what we look like, where we come from or how we express our genders, we all want the freedom to be ourselves and to live authentic lives. Certain Nebraska organizations want to deny our basic rights, which impacts our futures and the future of Lincoln as a modern, welcoming city. 

We invite all Lincoln residents who value equity to reach out and care for our LGBTQ+ community, especially our transgender and nonbinary neighors, by engaging in conversations with friends and family about the value these nondiscrimination updates bring to our community.

As a part of a coalition of supportive partners, both in the business and faith communities, we are hopeful that our message of fairness and equity will resonate with the majority of Lincolnites. OutNebraska will do everything we can to make sure these advancements move forward.