August 24, 2022

Today, OutNebraska released the following statement in response to new policies from the Archdiocese of Omaha regarding LGBTQ+ youth, employees and their families:

“Every student, no matter their religious background, deserves to feel safe and affirmed at school,” said OutNebraska Executive Director Abbi Swatsworth. “It is heartbreaking when young people reach out to us because their families and schools do not affirm who they are. It is even more heartbreaking to learn about young people who end their lives. Advocating for spaces where young LGBTQ+ people can grow to their full potential will always be one of our goals.”

Family affirmation is one of the most important factors in protecting the mental health of LGBTQ youth. The Trevor Project found in its 2022 National Survey on LGBTQ Youth Mental Health that LGBTQ youth who felt high social support from their family reported attempting suicide at less than half the rate of those who felt low or moderate social support.

OutNebraska is a statewide education and advocacy organization that works to empower LGBTQ+ people and their allies across the state. The organization envisions Nebraska communities that embrace and celebrate the full spectrum of LGBTQ+ people.