This week, we’ve seen a lot of news and listened to a lot of discussions about queer youth in 3 of our largest cities. A student newspaper in Grand Island was shut down after writing about LGBTQ+ history and topics. The Catholic Archdiocese in Omaha announced new rules that will force trans youth in Catholic schools to hide who they are. And on a positive note in Lincoln, we saw supporters come to a LPS school board meeting to speak in support of queer youth, outnumbering anti-LGBTQ+ meanies 2-1.
With everything going on, you want to do something. You’re wondering: How can I support queer youth?
We’ve got ways for you to help. Read. Share. Act.


Educate yourself on queer and trans topics, and our lives.

Suggested reading and resources:
  • – Resources compiled by our friends at the ACLU of Nebraska that explains what the rights are for queer and trans folks in our state.


Talk to friends and family about how queer youth are treated

Ways you can do this:
  • Share one of the news articles you read
  • Ask young people how things are at their schools
  • Talk with other parents about school policies around queer youth (don’t know what these are? team up with a friend to dive into them!)
  • Share your stories of growing up
By spreading the word, we help others know what is happening in our communities and around the state.


Do one thing today to help queer youth

Grand Island:
Write the superintendent of Grand Island Northwest to let them know you support LGBTQ+ students and student journalism. Email:
Talk with your faith community – ask that your place of worship and faith leader loudly support transgender youth living as their true selves.
Thank Lincoln Public Schools for pursuing “All Means All” inclusion efforts with staff training. Find and email your LPS board member here.
Leave a comment in support of the proposed Title IX rule change by the US Department of Education. This rule change would apply Title IX nondiscrimination protections to all schools that receive taxpayer funding. We need to say clearly: Queer and trans youth belong. And we need the policy to back it up. Not sure what to say? Check out this guide from our friends at Montana Human Rights Network. Click here to leave a comment.
These are a few steps you can take right now to support our queer and trans youth in Grand Island, Lincoln, and Omaha. We will keep you all updated when it’s time for more action. Thank you for your support of our young community members <3