We are absolutely heartbroken to hear the news out of Colorado Springs yesterday, and want to take a moment to lift up the Colorado LGBTQ+ community and all those impacted.
As anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric permeates mainstream political discourse, attacks like this will only become more frequent unless our communities and leaders take action.
From One Colorado: “There are no words that will undo the horror that continues to devastate our communities due to gun violence and the general disrespect for the human condition. The answer is not to arm regular citizens to protect themselves from unwarranted violence, it is to fight against the powers that be and hold the gun industry accountable. The answer is having a respect for humanity and creating services for vulnerable populations to thrive. We must, without exception, push for regulations for this to never, ever happen again.” – Nadine Bridges, MSW (she/her), One Colorado Executive Director
Taking time to process and mourn is important. Please see the resources below if you are struggling and need help.
  • TransLifeline is a trans-led organization that connects transgender people to the community, support, and resources. Call 877-565-8860.
  • SAGE LGBTQ+ Elder Hotline connects LGBTQ+ older people who want to talk with friendly responders who are ready to listen. Call 877-360-LGBT (5428).
  • Crisis Text Line connects you to a volunteer Crisis Counselor through text message or WhatsApp. Text “HOME” to 741741. Visit their site for gun violence-specific resources.
We also want to lift up the Colorado Healing Fund, which has been activated for the Club Q tragedy victims and their families.
You can also give directly to One Colorado, the state’s leading advocacy organization dedicated to advancing equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) Coloradans and their families.
From our Executive Director, Abbi Swatsworth: “We will not back down from the fight to make Nebraska, and the U.S., a place where LGBTQ+ can live safely as their authentic selves.”