OutNebraska is committed to fighting for the rights of LGBTQ+ Nebraskans, and that includes advocacy in the state legislature! We’re tracking a number of bills that impact the lives of our community members.

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Speak Out Nebraska: Stay Tuned!

As part of our coverage, we’re hosting Speak Out Nebraska, our virtual event series to gather and discuss the 2023 session. The agenda includes topics such as how the legislature works, bills we’re tracking, and how to contact your representatives. Our first meeting was January 24, and the recording is available to watch here. Stay tuned for when we announce the next meeting!

Bills with Hearings

Tuesday, January 31, at 1:30pm CST in room 1525

OPPOSE LB374 – Parents’ Bill of Rights and Academic Transparency Act. Facilitates curriculum censorship, book banning, and unnecessary education overreach; largely attempts to re-create policies that are already in place in schools across Nebraska. [Murman, Dave; Education Committee]

Wednesday, February 1, at 1:30pm CST in room 1510

OPPOSE LB626 – Bans Nebraskans from seeking abortions starting at 6 weeks. Doctors performing abortions could lose their license. Follow ACLU of Nebraska, I Be Black Girl, Nebraska Abortion Resources, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Nebraska, and Women’s Fund of Omaha for more! [Albrecht, Joni; Health and Human Services Committee]

Wednesday, February 8, at 1:30pm CST in room 1510

OPPOSE LB574 – “Let Them Grow Act” bans families of transgender youth from seeking medically-sound, affirming healthcare by punishing doctors who provide care. [Kauth, Kathleen; Health and Human Services Committee]

Friday, February 10, at 9:30am CST in room 1510

OPPOSE LB810 – “Medical Ethics and Diversity Act” creates a license to discriminate. Extremely broad language to circumvent nondiscrimination laws. Allow any medical or mental health professional to refuse to treat any patient for any “ethical, moral, or religious” reason. Allow any medical payer (employers and insurance) to refuse to pay for any medical service/medication for any “ethical, moral, or religious” reason. [Murman, Dave; Health and Human Services Committee]

Bills Awaiting Hearings

These are bills without hearings scheduled. Every bill gets a hearing in Nebraska, it’s just a matter of “when.”

SUPPORT LB169LGBTQ+ Employment Nondiscrimination. Add sexual orientation and gender identity to employment protections. [Hunt, Megan; Judiciary Committee]

SUPPORT LB670 – Expands Nebraska Fair Employment Practice Act. Prohibit discrimination on the basis of gender identity or sexual orientation and prohibit discrimination by employers regardless of size. Closes employment discrimination loophole – small businesses under 15 employees must follow nondiscrimination law. [Hunt, Megan; Business and Labor Committee]

SUPPORT LB487 – State money to schools comes with nondiscrimination requirement. Prohibit any school in Nebraska receiving public funds from discriminating on the basis of race, color, religious, national origin, ancestry, citizen status, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or special education status. [Hunt, Megan; Education Committee]

SUPORT LB630 – Protects natural hairstyles and religious garments in schools. Have the state board of education implement a policy for schools that allows students to wear natural hairstyles, religious attire (like hijabs, headscarves), tribal regalia, and traditional clothing from another country/culture. [McKinney, Terrell; Education Committee]

SUPPORT LB179 – Prohibit the practice of conversion therapy on minors. (Conversion therapy – practice of trying to change someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity. It does not work.) [Fredrickson, John; Health and Human Services Committee]

SUPPORT LB307 – Provides opportunities each Nebraska community to authorize Syringe Services Programs (SSPs) to battle the rise in HIV and Hepatitis infections. Syringe Services Programs are community-based prevention programs that provide a range of services, including linkage to substance use disorder treatment, access to and disposal of sterile syringes and injection equipment, vaccination, testing, and linkage to care and treatment for infectious disease. Follow Nebraska AIDS Project for more! [Hunt, Megan; Judiciary Committee]

SUPPORT LB316Updates language relating to spouses on a marriage license application to be gender neutral. [Fredrickson, John; Judiciary Committee]

SUPPORT LR26CA – Constitutional amendment to remove same sex marriage ban in Nebraska. If passed by Legislature, it would go to voters to approve. [Day, Jen; Judiciary Committee]

SUPPORT LB89 – Allow for surrogate parenthood. Repeals a section of Nebraska law that prohibits surrogacy. Helps families who are not able to become pregnant on their own, including couples struggling with infertility and gay couples. [Hunt, Megan; Judiciary Committee]

OPPOSE LB371 – Criminalizes drag shows and transgender performers. Make it a crime for people under 19 to be present at “drag performances”. “Drag performance” broadly defined to include any time someone is wearing clothing/presenting as a different gender than gender assigned at birth and is “performing before an audience”. Creates criminal penalties and $10,000 fine for people attending a “drag performance” with a minor, show organizers, and venue owners. Would affect any performance including a transgender person. [Murman, Dave; Judiciary Committee]

OPPOSE LB575 – “Sports and Spaces Act” bans transgender youth from playing school sports and ban transgender youth from using restrooms or locker rooms they feel most comfortable in. [Kauth, Kathleen; Education Committee]

OPPOSE LB277 – “First Freedom Act” creates a license to discriminate. Overly broad language would allow religious organizations and individuals to circumvent nondiscrimination laws. [Brewer, Tom; Government, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee]

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